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Roddy Piper WWF Wrestling Icon ,Wrestles Comedian DerRic Starlight , TsuuTina First Nation Pow Wow Sat July 24 9:30pm + 11:00pm

Roddy Piper WWE Wrestling All-Star and Legend Will be in Tsuu Tina First Nation This Sat. 9:30 at the Pow Wow Grounds.   He will be Westling DerRic Starlight, Comedian and Puppeteer, from TsuuTina  in a " Pipers Pit " format.   Pipers Pit--   DerRic Starlight --   DerRic Starlight has had a full slate of WWF Superstars out to TsuuTina to Wrestle in past years, and this show  promises a blockbuster evening of Family Style Fun.   Live Video Shoot will take place as part of DerRic Starlights movie production Wrestling with Puppets .   "Wrestling with Puppets " The DerRic Starlight Story is the true life story and experiances of DerRic as a youth , meeting,the Hart Family in Calgary , becoming friends, and as  life long companions on the Wrestling Road .   From TsuuTina Reserve  to the World Stage , and the struggles along the way, suffering from bulying,the rigors of the entertainment biz and the road,Derric has become a World Class Comic , Role Model, and Aboriginal Star .   Join him and his Friend Rowdy Roddy Piper as they relive some exciting moments in Wrestling's Colorfull History, tell their outragous stories , and break into the Pandamonium of Pipers Pit !   Roddy Piper and DerRic will be available for interviews on telephone or video.   call Eddie "The Cornel" Birkett 204-982-7664 office 204-226-4289 cel phone for instant blackberry response and e-mails

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