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After 20 Plus Years as a Booking Agent with CMA Entertainment, we are sad to annouce that Wayne passed and we will miss him .

After 20 Plus Years of working together, you become much more than co- workers , or friends , you become Family.

Wayne was always focused on Friends and Family before himself.

The value in every proposition for Wayne was the people and the fun, and never the money.

A Big Heart, he could fight and then forgive , allways there if needed and would drive across town to help someone, as he often did.

AAA Hockey Player and a definite contender , and was well  respected by some of best professional Hockey  Players from The NHL and on a First Name Basis at that . Wayne was a life long Player of Reknown.

Waynes othe Passion was Music . He sang all his life and performed right up to this past week missing only 1 show inn his whole life.Reils Rebels and then Whiskey Bent.

Wayne was the Band Leader , lead Singer , Booker , Front Guy Roadie , and  Driver, and he loved every minute of it. His answering machine message even said "and don't Forget ! The WhiskeyBent Band Loves You ! "

As a Father and Grand Father, Wayne was the Best there is . Total Best friends with his Son and Daughter, and a complete mentor to his Grandson, whom was recently traveling Europe playing baseball. Wayne was so thrilled and watched the games as much as he could on the Live Streaming at his office desk, all the while raving about his grandson , Thats my Boy he would say .

Wayne worked , played , sang , and was active till the last four days . We all went to see him at his request and kissed and Loved Him and Laid him To Rest.

In Our Hearts Now, and with the Spirits in The Sky.

and all the days gone by , you Feel No Pain

You Got Your Ticket to Ride

On The Midnite Moonlite Train

 Much Love 
















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