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Press Time in Toronto Oct 21-08 : DerRic has just won the Best Actor or Enemble Performance for The Wapose Bay TV Series from The Gemini Television Awards . Congratulations DerRic !! and Thanks to All those who helped uin the production of the Wapose

NEWS UP-DATE ...... DerRic WON !!

 The Canadian industry will gather in Toronto at the Liberty Grand on October 21st to honour and celebrate the Lifestyle, Children’s and Youth Awards. 

Congrats to  the Whole Wapose Bay Cast and Crew

DerRic Starlight , Gordon Tootoosis, Raven Brass , Trevor Cameron, Lorne Cardinal, Taylor Cook , Eric Jackson, and Andrea Menard .

Wapos Bay productions appreciates all your work and would like to extend a warm welcome to join us at the awards.

More info on Derric Starlight Below

-Aboriginal Puppet Characters

-Comedy for All Ages

-Workshops ,Conferences ,Concerts

-For VHS or DVD Video 

-More Info on DerRic Here


DerRic Starlight

is a 26 year old from The Tsuu T?ina Nation west of Calgary, Alberta.

DerRic Starlight has built a name for himself by using Comedy, Original Puppet Creations, Characters, Voices, and Pro Wrestling Business experience.

He has created his own brand of Aboriginal Puppet Characters and can do over 275 different voices.

DerRic has traveled with his puppets across Canada, United States, New Zealand, Hawaii, Tahiti and Japan.

Was also involved in Promotion of  Pro Wrestling with the Legendary Stu Hart Family in Calgary.

DerRic provides ?Motivational? workshops for all ages about his experiences in the Entertainment Business, as well as Drug and Alcohol Free, and Positive, Life Style?s.  

DerRic?s Comedy Puppet Show and Stand-Up Comedy Routines are Hilarious and Universal in Theme, geared for people of all ages, children and adults alike.


-Current Projects include  Don't call me Tonto ,Beyond Words , APTN , Host For National Aboriginal Achievement Awards 2007

-Aboriginal Puppet Christmas Story Movie is now in Planning

-Aboriginal Cartoon Movie for All Ages is also in Developement

-Just completed the Wizard of OZ Muppet Movie for The Disney Channel in Los Angeles.

-Currently on His Follow Your Dreams For Youth"

Tour 2008


My workshops help motivate people to reach their dreams

DerRic Starlight


For more info Call Eddie Birkett 

CMA Entertainment in Winnipeg  



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