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The Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative S.O.A.D.I.and Rex Will be Teaming Up to Produce a CD with Hip Hop and R+B Music Songs About Diabetes and The Effects Its Having in Communities.

This is a Diabetes Awareness Hip-Hop / Rap Project  by The Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative 


We are producing a  CD/Multi-Media DVD of 8 songs, with a Diabetes Prevention, Awareness, and Proactive Coping Messages.

The Power of Music, Spoken Word, and Positive Imaging will raise awareness and interest from The Young demographic, 12-24.

Hip Hop with a bit of R+B, Funk, and Pop are the keystones for the message.   

The Recording Activity, Studio Time, and Producers are FREE to the Selected Participants.

Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative is Paying The Bill!


We are Announcing “Open Call”

We want Artists, Singles , Duo’s , Groups , Writers, Rappers, and Interested Musical Entities !!

 We Invite All Aboriginal Artists, Please Come Forward and Submit Your Ideas, Songs, Lyrics, or Beats.

The best candidates would be chosen to record their song with Rex and Crew.

Criteria will include, best singing, best song, role model characteristics, and content with a Diabetes Prevention, Awareness, and Proactive Coping Message.

Submit Material that tells a Story about your experiences or those of family, friends , people you know or have known 

This would be done by the following sequence of events;

-Call for submission campaign

-Adjudication and Selection

-Pre-Production and Production over 3-4 weeks locally in Ont. With a “mobile” recording setup.

-Pre-promotion Media

-Promotion to Media and Product Release

-Proliferation of the Final CD and Events




 The Production Team


Rex, Smallboy is an award winning Rap Star and Producer, known for positive words and music, with a strong political and social message for change. Rex has already written and submitted “Why Can’t You See” for the Project. Rex’s expertise will make this project a special success and a genuine Legacy Work in his own professional career development. This initiative has heralded a change in diet and lifestyle for Rex.

Since the end of September 09 Rex has lost 15 lbs , stopped drinking Pepsi and other Pop type of products , cut out junk type fast foods, and dramatically reduced salt sugar intake. Rex says he is feeling better, going for lots of walks.


Craig Fotheringham is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, and music producer. He owns his own recording studio in Winnipeg. Craig has production credits dating back to the late 70’s. He has worked with a variety of Canadian Aboriginal Artists like The C-Weed Band, Holly V , and currently War Party. Craig has charted radio play in most genre of the music industry, from Country to Hip Hop. Craig is the Composer for “Why Can’t you See” writing and playing all the music.


Eddie Birkett is the Manager for Rex Smallboy, and will act as the Executive Producer for the Project. Eddie will be in charge of the production schedule, artist relations, proposal, contract, and accounting to SOADIE.

Eddie has had considerable experience in the Music Business since 1973. First as a drummer, percussionist, band leader, and then, as a first call studio musician. Eddie became a promotion specialist and hospitality manager and was involved in all kinds of promotion activity and fundraising. Now an Agency Owner and Artist Manager, Eddie has experience and knowledge in every aspect of the Music Business and Arts Management. Eddie wrote the chorus for “Why can’t you See”.


Any assistance and feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Sincerely Yours


Eddie Birkett  204-982-7664

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