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Feb 26,27,28-09 Winterfest The Mystery Lake Hotel, Trappers Tavern in Thompson ,Manitoba will Host the Jigfest Jigging Compettion !



-Feb 26,27,28,2009

-Mystery Lake Hotel Trappers Tavern

-Enter the Contest

9:pm Thurs

9:pm Friday

3 Pm Sat Afternoon

The Finals are 9pm Sat Nite Feb 28-2009

-Contestants will do "3 Changes" Each

-10 People will Advence to the Finals from Thurs,Fri,Sat Afternoon Contests with 30 people in the Finals

-The 10 winners Each Event will recieve a Jigfest Medal for Prize and Keepsake

-Celebraty Judges will be Present for the Finals

-4 Winners will be picked and Receive $125.00 Cash and a Winning Trophy .

The Grand Champion will be determined by a Jig Off by the Top 4 . The Grand Champions Name and Community will be Displayed on the Mystery lake Trpohy Permenently .

-Must Be 18+ to Enter

-Prizes to Accepted as awarded

for more info please visit our website

or call Eddie Birkett at 204-982-7664

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