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Smokey is Back !! CMA Entertainment is Proud to Announce that Smokey Hontus Comedy Show and Workshops is now available thru CMA Entertainment... Call us for Open Dates and Workshop Info

Throughout her career in social work, Kathleen has always maintained and promoted the traditional healing method of The Medicine Wheel,

presenting at all grade school levels, from Universities, Health Centers & Institutions primarily in Southern British Colombia.


For over 20 years, Kathleen McGuire's hard work & kind way has taken her from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Southern British Columbia as a professional Counselor (NNADAP, Family, Community & Outreach), helping many people overcome the traumas attached to substance & sexual abuse. 


As her hard work and dedication describes, Kathleen McGuire's primary focus has always been " assist First Nations families and Communities in their healing process from cultural desperations."


It is through Kathleen's boundless energy assisting many First Nations people out of painful circumstances into positive life changes, that her energy took form & shaped itself into becoming our witty & wise Elder, we call Smokey Hontus


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