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Prism Is Open in the Saskatchewan Area Aug 10-06 Prism is still rocking on stage playing outdoor concerts, festivals and clubs. The glory days of 80's Stadium Rock may be gone but Prism continues to deliver on stage wherever they play.

In July 1975, Prism went into the studio for their first recording session. In what can be considered the first Prism song, Open Soul Surgery would long stand as a concert favorite showcasing the hard-nosed rock attitude of Ron Tabak and Lindsay Mitchell.

It was on the strength of their first recorded song that Prism landed a record contract with the now defunct GRT records.

At the time, Jim Vallance was attending UBC and did not want his schoolmates to find out he was heading this new rock band so he went under the pseudoname of Rodney Higgs.

Before the band began touring Canada, Jim Vallance was replaced by ex-Seeds of Timer Rocket Norton in September 1977.

Vallance didn't want to tour and Prism began doing the gruelling municipal arena tour where they quickly gathered a solid core following of fans.

Armageddon brought the band double-platinum awards for sales in excess of 500,000 copies. At the time, the album set sales records and there is accounting of sales somewhere around 700,000 copies. But as the sales of the album were peaking, GRT went into receivership and the true sales numbers will never be known.

Judging by the fact that the album is still in demand and actively sold in music stores, it is entirely likely that sales have exceeded 1 million copies.

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