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Available !!! March 19-2004 -Between Wpg+ Grand Rapids . This Show is Complete with Lights , Sound ,Tech + Robert Thomas .

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EDDIE BIRKETT  204-982-7664



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Hypnotist Robert Thomas will cast a spell at your next Event


Thomas, who has brought his own style to stages across Canada since 1995, says he puts his subjects first.


?I want everybody to have fun.  I don?t want people leaving the stage deadly embarrassed,? he says.


I know the difference between a good show and a bad show. 

I?ve been on stage myself (as a hypnotist?s subject) and I?ve walked off feeling bad ,

and I?ve been in so many others where I left laughing so hard I could cry ?


He says aside from the entertainment value for all participants, he also wants to be able to leave the venue ?in one piece.?


Subjects will remember what they did, ?and I want to be able to laugh about it with them after the show,? says Thomas.


Despite the art?s entertainment value, Thomas says hypnotism has a more serious value.


?People tend to think that hypnosis is ?just pretend? or for entertainment only.  I try to prove that it?s real and can be used for more serious stuff such as weight loss, and quitting smoking.  The list goes on and on.


?I do a demonstration at the end of the show that shows the incredible power of the mind.  I won?t tell you what that demonstration is, exactly.  You?ll just have to come and see for yourself!  Trust me.  It?ll blow your mind!?



Below is a list of venues and events I have performed at.


Charleswood in Motion days-1998-99, 2001-2003

-Charleswood Hotel (3 times)


-St. Boniface Hotel-Optimists fundraiser (Anders was the opening act)


-University of Manitoba-assorted commerce socials etc


-Portage La Prairie- CanOats Christmas party


-The Watering Hole (Regina) ?Christmas parties


-The Regina Press Club- My first public show


-High school grads in Teulon, Manitou, Winnipeg, as well as around Saskatchewan


-East End Legion- Brandon


-Lake Mb Narrows Lodge


-Westdale Community Center


-Montemarte, Saskatchewan


-The Lombard Hotel- Manitoba Optometrists


-Fisher River First Nation


-the list of Happy Events is growing


Thanks much!

 Robert Thomas




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