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RARA Conference Feb 08

Smokey 07

Smokey 07

Smokey 07

Smokey Hontus

At the ripe age of 89, Smokey Hontus is our wise old Elder.  By cutting through those dark clouds of negative social distractions we face daily,


Smokey Hontus lights up our hearts with hope, understanding & heart-felt laughter through her unique Grass Roots Humor! 


No fear of speaking out or acting up, Smokey Hontus reminds us of who we truly are... Human. Innocent & mischievous,


Smokey's delivery can be compared to the likes of Comedian's Carol Burnett and Whoopie Goldberg.


Since 1995, Smokey Hontus would appear as welcome comic relief after intense counseling sessions or an occasional surprise visit to local centers. 


As her hard work and dedication describes, Kathleen McGuire's primary focus has always been " assist First Nations families and Communities in their healing process from cultural desperations."


It is through Kathleen's boundless energy assisting many First Nations people out of painful circumstances into positive life changes, that her energy took form & shaped itself into becoming our witty & wise Elder, we call Smokey Hontus


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