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PDF - Live Event Poster

PDF - Darren Lavallee Band Color 8x10

PDF - Darren Lavallee 8x10 PDF

Darren Live

2007 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards Win w Gary Doer

Daren Lavallee BW

Daren Fiddle

Daren 80's with Trapline

Darren Lavallee Band



The marvelous Metis, from St Ambrose Manitoba.


Darren grew up in the music, dance, and language, which are the Metis Tradition.


The Lavallee family made a living at the south basin of Lake Winnipeg .Fishing, Farming and Ranching.


Singing, Dancing, Fiddling, Music and Church, were the hallmarks that reflect in their deep roots, and solid foundation.


Darren still has these values. He lives them today with his own growing family. Its in his blood, and you can hear it in his playing and singing, and see it, in his stage performances.


Powerful, soulful, full of emotion, a true professional, is the only way to describe Darren's vocal and playing , and dancing style, a true Metis.


Once you have heard him sing or play, he's in your heart forever.





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