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Jesse Lewis Hypno Show

 Jesse’s Story

The Roots Of Safe, Clean, Fun.

Jesse Lewis first became interested in hypnosis during his days in high school, after being hypnotized at a school assembly. 

He found it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences he has ever had.

Volunteering for many shows from that point forward he ran into a dirty hypnotist. 

He volunteered and performed but felt bad afterward for what had happened on stage. He wanted to make sure no one had to feel like that again. 

He has been in the same position as your audience so he understands what is going on with them from both sides as the hypnotist and volunteer.

In 2006 he would graduate as a certified hypnotist from the hypnosis motivation institute. 

Since those early days he has been hypnotizing people everywhere. 

With appropriate training and an ethical non offensive show he is sure to please your group.

Today he enjoys letting people feel the wonderful gift of hypnosis. 

Jesse has been honored to perform for many different groups.        

Jesse is the best hypnotist for your group because his favorite thing is to bring a fantastic clean hypnosis show to your audience while providing the customer service you deserve and expect.       

In each of his shows Jesse always leaves the crowd with a message he  himself learned at the school where it all started “Don’t dream it. Be it!”  


What a great message to leave anyone with no matter their age.


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