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Talk about entertainment! And they will - after all, Kiitokii Hypno – Magic – Mind Reading Crazy Freak Shows inspire everything from laughter to chills running down your spine, and all things in-between. People who have seen our performances (or taken part in them) are STILL talking about them! Fun, amazing, and inexplicable, performances will leave you wondering about what is known...and what is not known.

Trevor Kiitokii is an established master Hypnotist, Magician and entertainer. Kiitokii completed the “Attila Stage Hypnotist Course” and, now is certified as the Premier First Nations Hypnotist in Canada and a practicing illusionist. As an Educator and Mentor Kiitokii has travelled extensively throughout Alberta, B.C. Saskatchewan,Ont, Yukon NWT and U.S.A. delivering his art and mentorship.

Kiitokii Hypnotist show is different from any other hypnotist show or corporate comedy act today. Unlike hypnotists who embarrass their subjects, Kiitokii causes his volunteers to shine with warmth and talent. You are the star of the show.
Trevor promotes a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. His pre motivational keynote address and Hypnotherapy sessions will give inspiration to all that are willing for making positive choices.

Kiitokii is living his dream in performing Illusions and Magic. His performance includes in an evening of magical illusions and Mentalism.

Power of suggestion or Master of suggestion is key when working with self discipline for Success in Employment, substance abuse, Anxiety & Fears, Positive Stress Management, Depression, Relaxation Therapy and other related self issues.




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