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Pam Martin Band

I started playing professionally in Winnipeg bars at the age of 15 with an  all female touring show at the Assinaboine Gordon Hotel.

I quickly formed my own rock and pop bands and played the Winnipeg club scene during my teens and early 20’s.  I worked in all the A rooms travelling across the prairies and into Alberta and B.C.

Eventually I was working with the cream of the Winnipeg musicians doing recording with Kenny Shields and Chris Burke Gaffaey that ultimately led to a year long stint in a band with Burke

I did a lot of those club bands  - Rumors with Kim Hines and Barry G Player. Being one that was truly progressive in our music choices from Kate Bush to Kansas and it was awesome to see live with the performance  Art we did.

I also did a house band with Spider and Lou Petrovich.  We always had the best soundmen and crew and I did some great writing with these exceptional people  Then I joined a working band with Chris B. and we worked and wrote and travelled to B.C.

We wrote a lot of songs and the beginning of the Dead Beat Honeymooners began while we toured out in B. C. but I left the band because the work and beauty of B. C. was calling me.

I also did have some good fortune with a little band called the Pamela Martin Band. We/I did some television and did a big televised Canada Day Show with players like Randy Heibert, Wallie
Larson, Craig Fatheringham and played a big corporate Show for Moffat Communications and went over big opening some doors.  I won the Bud Country Talent Show and played Massey Hall in Toronto.  There was some shady business problems and I had a song stolen out from under me that made someone else a career.  It was another Canadian girl whose people had just come to see us and turned around and well the rest is history.



1. Rolling in the Deep—Adele

2. Set Fire to the Rain —Adele

3. Someone Like You—-Adele

4. Gold Dust Woman—-Stevie Nicks

5. Edge of Seventeen—-Stevie Nicks

6. Landslide—Stevie Nicks

7. Leather and Lace—Nicks and Henly

8. Dreams—-Fleetwood Mac

9. Rhiannon—-Fleetwood Mav

10. Say that you Love me—Fleetwood Mac

11. You Make Lovin’ Fun—Fleetwood Mac

12. All I Wanna Do—-Sheryl Crowe

13. Cant Cry Anymore—Sheryl Crowe

14. If it Makes You Happy==Sheryl Crowe

15. First Cut is the Deepest—-Sheryl Crowe

16. Magic Man——Heart

17. Straight On for You—Heart

18. Dog and Butterfly—Heart

19. Stay with Me—-Rod Stewart

20. Maggie May—Rod Stewart

21. Refugee——-Tom Petty

22. The Waiting—Tom Petty

23. Wont Back Down—Tom Petty

24. Beast of Burden—The Stones

25. Tumblin’ Dice—The rollin’ Stones

26. Miss You—-The Stones

27. Something to Talk About—-Bonnie Raitt

28. What’s Goin’ On—-Four Non-Blondes

29. Joey—-Concrete Blonde

30. You’re No Good—-Linda Ronstat

31. Telling Me Lies—-Trio

32. Heart of Glass—-Blondie

33. Bobbie McGee—-Janis Joplin

34. Carey——Joni Mitchel

35. Free Man in Paris—-Joni Mitchel

36. Big Yellow Taxi—-Joni Mitchel

37. Twisted—-Joni Mitchel

38. Mohammed’s Radio—-Warren Zevon

39. Poor Poor Pitiful Me—Warren Zevon



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