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Michelle Thrush

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Majica The Aboriginal Healing Clown

Michelle Thrush has been a professional actor for over 15 years and it has been during the last three years that she really found her true passion. Michelle has been doing something she calls “the daycare tour” with a magical child inspired aboriginal clown character named “MAJICA.”


Michelle exclaimed that Majica is “a character that came to me in spurts.”  “She kept appearing in my thoughts where I would see her and then she would be gone.”  “Finally, I drew her with my daughter’s crayons and immediately I knew she was coming through me.”  “I soon started sewing as quickly as possible with my mom’s help and when we were done with the clothes and the long black yarn braids tied with smoked hide and of course the moccasins … I put all of her on… that was when I first met Majica.”

            Michelle explained, “I first started bringing her to my daughters preschool and just playing and being silly, and the kids really liked her.”  “Then I ventured further to other preschool and kindergartens and eventually started going out to the communities.” “Majica became a hit with the little ones because she is someone that they could identify with.”

            Majica is the aboriginal clown evolved into a character bigger than life.  She comes from the land of imagination and love. Majica helps the children explore the many things they can do with their imaginations. She gently allows them to identify different emotions and how each is felt in their bodies. Majica speaks about cultural pride, being caring environmentalists and even confidently ventures into topics such as bullying and judging. The most important message Majica brings when she visits is how very special, unique, and loved each child is.

            Michelle Thrush, through Majica, also brings with her a one-woman show about parenting titled “RIGHT NEXT DOOR”.  The 25 minute performance is created for all ages and carries a strong message about the need to heal the relationship between parent and child. The performance is followed by discussion and a question and answer period.

            The “RIGHT NEXT DOOR” show is an extremely powerful depiction that allows the audience to enter into the mind and hear the thoughts of a 6 year old boy who lives in an unsafe home environment.  The young boy character is seen absorbing the adult conflicts he witnesses as his own responsibility and thus tries to change the situation.  This is done through a magic wish Majica gives him.  With the power of live performance, Michelle is cognizant to always request the host community to have local qualified support workers in attendance during and after this emotional journey, as any emotional affect on the audience may then need processing by community resource people.

            A proficient artist has the power to speak directly to the place within one’s heart and soul where the healing occurs. It is from this knowledge and expertise that Michelle Thrush uses as a foundation to creating positive, impacting change within her and the world around her.   


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