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Dane VonHagan

Quote: "As a touring musician myself, top priority is to ensure the best possible experience for both the entertainer and the venue." - Dane Von Hagen

Dane Von Hagen is the newest addition to CMA Entertainment.

He specializes in booking touring acts, country, rock n' roll, and tribute bands as well as solo acts, duos, hypnotists and comedy, and Community Theater Concerts .

At the age of 23, Dane is a professional musician, band leader, and vocalist for country and rock n' roll bands Private Drive and Dead Levee.

Writing, recording, performing, and booking since the age of 16, Dane has many connections in and around the Central Canadian Market.

As well as experience over seas travelling to Liverpool, England where he recorded at Paul McCartney's music institute L.I.P.A.

When not on stage or in the studio, Dane can be found in his office making regular calls to clientele. In Dane's eyes, the music industry is

more than just business deals ó itís the people and relationships built along the way!

Danes Teritory is Western Canada and N USA States (Montana ,Wyoming N+S Dakota.



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