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Campfire Crashers




Campfire Crashers

Picture this: It's one of those warm summer nights, surrounded by water, wilderness, friends and drinks. Now, you are sitting around a campfire and turn on the radio to THOSE songs. The songs that make everyone sing along, the songs that make people dance in the back of a pickup, the songs that are the perfect sound track to the perfect evening. 

Since 2015, the Campfire Crashers have been bringing THOSE songs to pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, corporate events, socials and private functions and we want top bring them to you!

We are three guys. A simple setup, with a simple mission, to play the class rock, pop, country and blues hits that were the soundtrack to your summer nights, no matter where we are. 


MIKE EAGLES - LEAD VOCALS, BASS GUITAR - Over the last 15 years, Mike has played with bass or provided lead vocals to bands in Ontario, Newfoundland and Manitoba, but never at the same time. Since joining the Campfire Crashers, Mike has had the privilege of providing the teeth tickling low-end to keep you dancing all night long and the vocals to get you singing along.   


PAUL SMITH - GUITAR, BACKING VOCALS - Although he plays in a trio now, Paul has lent his guitar skills to an 18-piece big band and everything in between! Paul's guitar chops are like that of the buffet you might find a fancy, all-inclusive resort - A little bit of everything and it's all delicious! Whatever kind of fingerboard flavor you might be hungry for, Paul's got you covered.


REED HEIN - DRUMS, BACKING VOCALS - Reed has been providing drums, vocals and guitar to local cover and original bands in Manitoba for more than a decade. Not only does he lay down the beat to inspire your best dance moves, rumor has it, he has lights inside his drums!

Partial list of bands we cover:
The Rolling Stones
The Who
Led Zeppelin
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Elvis Presley
David Bowie
Eric Clapton
John Mayer
Jimi Hendrix
ZZ Top
The Doors
The Tragically Hip
The Eagles
Bryan Adams
Bob Marley
Black Crows
Rascal Flatts
The Ramones
John Cougar Melencamp
Bob Seger




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